Hyatt Hotels One Of Many Brands Benefiting From Spurlock Film

Hyatt paid to appear in ‘The Greatest Movie Ever Sold’ and are now promoting the film in their hotels.

Morgan Spurlock’s new documentary POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (the pomegranate juice drink bought the naming rights for the film) shines a spotlight on the business of product placement. Hyatt Hotels is one of the many brands and companies featured in the movie and they invested $700,000 on transparent advertising and even a 30-second commercial within the film. Because not only is product placement the subject matter of The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, it is also the source of its entire funding.

As such, brands from POM juice to Ted Baker, Mini to have honest and obvious advertisements in the film. Spurlock wears a jacket covered in brand names and conducts his interviews in the guest rooms at the Hyatt. John Wallis, the global head of marketing and brand strategy for Hyatt explained the reason for their involvement:

Old marketing models are being turned upside down. We constantly challenge ourselves to present the Hyatt brand and its values in innovative ways that make consumers take notice.

Now promoting the movie in their hotels, ahead of its release on April 22nd, Spurlock has recorded a Welcome Message for the guest rooms at Hyatt and also appears on the key cards.


POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

[via HotelChatter]