In the Door: Search For Jobs With A Little Help From Your Facebook Friends

New site helps job seekers find opportunities at companies where their friends work.

Sometimes when you’re looking for a job, it’s a matter of who you know rather than what you know. That’s where the new social job search, In the Door, comes in.

After you log in with Facebook, In the Door will find where your friends work and search the Internet for job openings at those companies. If you find a position that you’re interested in, you can ask your friend and current employee to put in a good word for you. You can also search for opportunities by city, company and job title, while a friends-of-friends job search is a future possibility.

A graduate of the Founder Institute in Silicon Valley, CEO and founder Liz Carlson got the idea after a friend secured a job because of a recommendation from a mutual friend.

Unlike similar apps that are available on Facebook, In the Door doesn’t post to your wall or your friend’s walls and it doesn’t reveal that you are searching for a job.

In the Door

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