Arts Thread: Plastique-Fantastique’s The Emotion Maker

The Emotion Maker is a giant inflatable structure that works as a public sphere that manipulates sound to create the emotion of a classical concert.

Sitting predominantly in the centre of St John Square is the Emotion Maker, a giant inflatable structure with a purpose brought to you by design duo Plastique Fantastique. Featuring as one of the Clerkenwell Design Week Projects, the creative structure works as a public sphere that manipulates sound to create the emotion of a classical concert.

This unique 10 minute experience is a music and architecture sound scape that “unites to condense common prejudices”. It works by picking five of the thirteen instrumental categories, pressing go and heading inside the inflatable to enjoy the unique experience.

The concert is from a collective of a hundred musicians from different backgrounds who have each recorded their personal interpretation of 8 emotions in 8 minutes of time. This is then stored into the software that randomly picks one track for every instrument chosen on the side of the Emotion Maker.

Once inside the structure, two at a time, you are able to enjoy the unique experience of your own individual concert that the recorder has generated for you out of the 100 possibilities, no concert is ever like another. The Emotion Maker exploits our feelings that are often triggered by the use of media, interacting with the reality that our lives are getting more radical with the constant need for social connections and offers a different form of reflection.

The Emotion Maker runs for the full length of Clerkenwell Design Week, 24-26th May 2011. To register to visit click here.

Marco Barotti

Architettura Sonra

Plastique Fantastique

Photos courtesy of Stacey Rivers

Originally published on the Arts Thread blog. Republished with kind permission.