Adopt A Dog That’s Your Perfect Match With Doggelganger

This website scans your facial features and pairs you with a dog in need of adoption.


Creative agency Colenso BBDO has created Doggelganger, a fun website for a good cause. The Pedigree Adoption Drive in New Zealand offers support to thousands of abandoned dogs each year and this idea was designed to boost the campaign to find them new homes.

The human to canine pairing site uses facial recognition software to scan an uploaded or webcam photo and match it to a dog in their database. After all, many people believe that a dog and their owner often look alike. Once a match is found, you are shown a picture of the dog, its name, age, sex, breed, location, and a short paragraph about its personality. You can then fill in an online form to make contact, share the result via email and social networks, or start over to get a new match.

Colenso BBDO


Pedigree Adoption Drive

[via Adweek]