Amsterdam Airport’s Mixed Reality Lounge [Pics]

Projections and audio are used throughout the interior of AirportPark and feature butterflies, nature sounds and cyclists to add to the immersing...

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on June 23, 2011. @DavePinter

Travelers passing through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport who are feeling nature deprived now have place within the airport to do some reconnecting. Airport Park is a new park-themed destination within the terminal where travelers can relax, work, eat or just get some fresh air. The indoor section of the Park features a lounge, cafe and retail shop. An adjacent outdoor terrace features a planter garden and lounge seating including club chairs made of wire mesh which ivy will eventually cover.

Inside, the park is punctuated with tree trunks, green walls and seating with integrated landscaping. Technology is used to create what the airport is calling a ‘mixed reality’. Projections and audio are used throughout the interior featuring butterflies, nature sounds, and cyclists to add to the immersing character of the space. Travelers looking for a bit of exercise can recharge their mobile phones via one of the electricity generating stationary bikes.

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Schiphol AirportPark