Audio Hacking Could Be The Next Big Kinect Trend

Microsoft believes that by revealing new functionality to the tech community it will enhance natural user interaction design.

Microsoft’s official SDK kit for the Kinect system will allow developers to not only create innovative interactive solutions using gesture control but it will also offer them the ability to control games and other applications through voice. In an interview earlier today, Microsoft spokesman Steve Clayton told PSFK that by revealing this functionality to the tech community it will enhance what he calls natural user interaction design:

Imagine driving all manner of other experiences with your voice: search, or controlling appliances in the home or office. It gets even more interesting when you combine modalities — by that I mean the combination of voice AND gesture is very useful and also very natural. Think about when you ask for something in a store and you say “that one,”  you typically point at the same time. The combination of gesture and voice has a lot of untapped potential.

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PSFK Interviews Microsoft’s Steve Clayton

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