Audi’s Massive Frankfurt Auto Show Stand Includes An Indoor Test Track

For the first time, an automaker incorporates a real driving experience within their autoshow stand.

Audi is creating a special pavilion for the upcoming 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show which will allow prospective customers to get a test ride in their cars. The nearly 50,000 square foot new pavilion will feature a central display space and lounge area. The quarter-mile test track will wrap around an upper portion of the pavilion. Visitors to the show will be able to make a ride-along reservation on a special Audi microsite for one of a dozen vehicles including some Audi race cars.

The structure is so big that Audi will construct the pavilion in an outdoor plaza adjacent to the existing exhibition halls where the auto show will take place. Assembly work will begin in July and take two months to complete. The new pavilion is based on a modular design which Audi will potentially be able to extract pieces out from and construct a smaller version of the pavilion at future auto shows.


[via Bloomberg]