Check In To 7-Eleven, Win A Trip To Space

Check In To 7-Eleven, Win A Trip To Space

7-Eleven and Super 8 give you the chance to win a trip to space by checking in via Foursquare.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon


In an interesting cooperative advertising partnership with the makers of upcoming science fiction film  Super 8, convenience store behemoth 7-Eleven has launched a contest that gives you a chance to go on a trip to space. The premise is simple: There are over 21,000 prizes: Every 88th check-in via Foursquare wins free Super 8 movie tickets, while every 88,888th check-in gets a free Zero-G Experience. If the total number of check-ins reach 888,888 by June, one lucky winner will be sent to space.


Super 8

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