Crowdsourced Documentary of Egyptian Revolt Uses Twitter To Get Footage

Filmmaker Amr Salama turns to Twitter to gather over 300 GB of material for a documentary that showcases the Egyptian Revolution.

After the revolution that successfully ousted former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Egyptian filmmaker Amr Salama set out to create a film depicting the spirit of activism of the demonstrators at Tahrir Square. The film, Tahrir Square: The Good, The Bad, The Politician, is a collaborative project by Salama and two other filmmakers. The most fascinating detail is that Salama gathered over 300 gigabytes of documentary video of demonstrations for material by pulling from Twitter. Salama explains:

Everyone was using cell phones to shoot pictures and videos and put it online; everyone was making videos to show how the regime was corrupted and tell how they were dealing with it…[the film] tries to understand how the decisions were made, how Mubarak turned into a dictator, and how dictators fall eventually by the power of the people.”

Amr Salama on Twitter

[via Fastcompany]