HELLZ x Vans Fall 2011 Collaboration To Be Launched In The Philippines

Hellz and Vans kick off their second collaborative effort in the Philippines this fall.

Fashion brand Hellz and Vans have announced a new collaboration to kick off in the Philippines during the fall of 2011, dubbed “Kyss Kyss Bang Bang,” which features the new collection of Paityn and Bailie Boots.  From the Hellz Bellz official blog:

Kicking off the presentation is an intimate two-part event entitled “KYSS KYSS BANG BANG”. The first half will be held at the Vans Flagship Store in Manila, where local tastemakers and influential publications will have the chance to mingle with HELLZ Brand Director, Lanie Barcena, and receive a first hand unveiling of the new collection. The latter will take place at local hotspot KYSS, where the local elite will be able to party with fashion industry natives.



[via Limite Magazine]