Artist Liu Bolin Hides Himself In Kenny Scharf Street Art In NYC

Chinese painter builds a whole new installation using a famous New York mural – and himself – as his medium.

While many move to NYC to blend in with the surroundings, Chinese artist Liu Bolin has elevated this concept to a creative extreme. As part of his ongoing series of “invisible” pieces, Bolin recently decided to camouflage himself to match the iconic Kenny Scharf mural on Bowery and Houston. Painted by his assistants, and with the support of his NYC Gallery, Bolin’s journey from man to living work of art was captured behind the scenes by The Wooster Collective. In doing this project, Bolin also managed to prove correct one of the oldest sayings around: “Nothing shocks New Yorkers. They’ve already seen just about everything.” Only in this case, the strangest part is what people didn’t see.

Wooster Collective