Jobless Irishman Markets Self On Billboard, Generates Web Buzz

Frustrated job-hunter Feilim Mac An Iomaire went against the grain and publicly rebranded himself to gain interest from potential employers.


Among the tens of thousands of unemployed Irish people seeking employment overseas, frustrated jobhunter 26-year-old Feilim Mac An Iomaire went against the grain and rebranded himself as an Irish everyman named “Jobless Paddy.” He  advertised his longstanding search for work and desire to stay in Ireland on a billboard that screamed “SAVE ME FROM EMIGRATION.” Situated in the heart of Dublin, the ad, pictured above, featured Mac An Iomaire, a suitcase in one hand and a Gaelic hurling stick in the other, gazing at a vista of the Statue of Liberty, British Houses of Parliament, Sydney Opera House and Toronto’s CN Tower. The billboard drew Irish media interest, generated discussions on the Internet, and has got companies interested in Mac An Iomaire’s apparent skills in marketing. From Associated Press:

Mac An Iomaire has appeared on Ireland’s national TV and top radio stations and received more than 100 requests from Irish companies seeking his credentials. More than a dozen job-hunting threads on Ireland’s biggest Internet chat room,, are debating the merits of his media-savvy gambit.

[via AP]