Mark di Suvero Sculpture Exhibition On Governors Island [Pics]

Organized by Storm King Art Center, this is the largest outdoor presentation of his sculpture in the city since the 1970s.

Until September 25th, Governors Island will be hosting an exhibition of Mark di Suvero sculptures, presented by the Storm King Art Center. It is the largest outdoor presentation of his work to be shown in New York City since 1975. With 11 works spanning more than three decades, the sculpture garden is open to all visitors to the island for free. The pieces are made from large-scale cast-offs from architecture and heavy industry.

A Storm King app can be downloaded for the App Store, which provides visitors to the exhibition, and those interested in following it virtually, the chance to learn more about di Suvero’s practice and about the Art Center.

Governors Island

Storm King

Mark di Suvero

[via ArchDaily]

Photos by Librado Romero