Rwanda Gakenke – Starbuck’s New Premium Coffee Line

The beverage and retail corporation has a new high-end line of coffee that it describes as exotic, rare and exquisite.

Starbucks has a new high-end line of coffee that the beverage and retail corporation describes as exotic, rare and exquisite. This coffee will be sold in bean form and at a selection of their cafes and will feature coffees with “distinct taste notes that enchant, amaze and captivate.”

One of the first offerings in the Reserve series is a fair trade certified Rwanda Gakenke – named after a district in Northern Province in the African country. The website says:

The mountainous Gakenke District – where this coffee thrives in the rich soil – is typical of the terrain in Rwanda, “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Through the hard work of dedicated farmers, Rwanda recently went from having its specialty coffee supply eradicated to cultivating some of East Africa’s finest. We love this one with its unique floral notes and layered flavors of chocolate, lemongrass and baking spices.he packaging stands out from much of its more accessible styled product lines.

The dark and slightly mechanical aesthetic that the packaging emplys allows the coffee to stand out from the more accessible lines. The coffee beans come dark and waxy – and when we asked our resident caffeine heads in the PSFK + FRIENDS office, they told us that the coffee had a wonderful taste with subtle flavors. Also available on the Reserve line is Sumatra Tapanuli.

Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Gakenke