Sound Charge T-Shirt Keeps Your Device At Full Power

Sound Charge T-Shirt Keeps Your Device At Full Power

Standing in the middle of a field with a low battery? Slip on this t-shirt and charge up your phone or music player with the sound of music as you enjoy a band.

Emma Hutchings

UK mobile carrier Orange has teamed up with renewable energy company Gotwind to create a prototype charger that turns sound waves into electric energy. The t-shirt has a modified panel of piezoelectric film, which absorbs the sound pressure, converts it into a charge,  and feeds it into the reservoir battery.

Sound Charge T-Shirt: Great For Music Festival Season

Visuals on the front of the t-shirt then pulse in time with the music, and the wearer can place their mobile phone into the pocket above the panel and hook it up to start charging. The interchangeable lead means it is compatible with most phone models, and the panel and electronics can be removed prior to washing.

The Sound Charge t-shirts are going to be live tested at the Glastonbury Music Festival and updates will appear on Orange’s Glastonbury blog. You can watch the video below for more information on the product:



[via I4U]

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