The Immersive Cocoon: A Full 3D Experience

A design and advertising firm has created a 360-degree interior dome-display that aims to provide a full sense of visual immersion.

Many television sets have recently offered 3D viewing functionality, but the eye’s wide peripheral vision would make a viewer seem like he or she is peeping into a 3D box, instead of having a complete three-dimensional immersion. To answer this, design and advertising firm NAU present the “Immersive Cocoon,” a four meter (13 ft) diameter carbon fiber sphere featuring a 360-degree interior dome display that aims to provide a full sense of visual submersion. The cocoon is equipped with sophisticated motion-sensing software including motion capture cameras, motion-sensing floor panels, surround sound, and air conditioning.

Immersive Cocoon “2011” from adNAU on Vimeo.


[via Gizmag]