Thrutu Lets You Share Photos, Contacts, Doodles & More During A Phone Call

The new app update adds some great share and multitasking features in a bid to change the way we make phone calls.

Thrutu is an app that adds functionality to your phone calls. You can share different types of information and media without disrupting your conversation, just by touching a button. The app is available for free from the Android marketplace and comes with six ‘buttons’ built-in, each with a different function. You can share your GPS location with a map that pops up on both screens, updating as you move. You can share photos from your gallery or one you’ve snapped during your call. You can also share contact details, doodles you both annotate while you chat, or a prod, which causes their phone to vibrate.

There are extra buttons available, built by the development community. These let you do things like send money via PayPal to your caller, find the best place to meet in person, search the web together, flip a virtual coin, play classic games, and access social networking sites. The video below shows the app in action:


Thrutu app

[via lifehacker]