TVs That Watch You While You’re Watching Them

Researchers in Japan develop prototype TVs that take pictures of viewers and analyse their emotions.

At the NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories (STRL) in Japan, researchers are testing a prototype TV that analyses viewer’s facial expressions to determine what programs and adverts they like and what they don’t.

Called the UTAN (User Technology Assisted Navigation) TV viewing interface, it features a camera in the TV that takes photographs as the viewer is watching. These are then analysed by a tablet PC, which works out level of interest, concentration and whether the viewer is happy or sad.

TVs That Watch You While You're Watching Them

Based on this information, it could build up a database of what you like to watch and make recommendations for future viewing. This technology can also work for mulitple viewers if you are sitting down to an evening’s entertainment with the family.

NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories

[via DVICE]