iPhone 5 To Feature Voice-Controlled ‘Assistant’?

iPhone 5 To Feature Voice-Controlled ‘Assistant’?

The latest iPhone rumor is prompted by leaked screenshot that indicate new voice navigation possibilities, powered by tech found in the recently-acquired app Siri.

Emma Hutchings

This screenshot obtained by 9to5Mac¬†(featured below) leads many to believe that the new iPhone 5 will include a fully-integrated voice control function. Called ‘Assistant’, it would likely implement technology from the app Siri, which Apple ¬†recently acquired.

This feature would convert speech to text, use data stored on your device (such as location, contacts and calendar) to make recommendations based on where you are or when you are free, and use optional crowd-sourcing to improve the service over time.

iPhone 5 To Feature Voice-Controlled 'Assistant'?