Water Jetpack Lets You Fly Like James Bond

Water Jetpack Lets You Fly Like James Bond

This new piece of technology help your spy fantasies become a reality.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Water sports enthusiasts and espionage afficionados alike will enjoy this latest creation by extreme sports company Jetpack Adventures. The Jetlev R200 Jetpack, a 200-horsepower jetpack concept that uses water to propel its wearer up to 28 feet in the air is rather reminiscent of the classic James Bond film¬†‘Thunderball.’ ¬†According to Jetpack Adventures, the Jetlev R200 is very safe, and designed mainly for recreational purposes, rather than as a method of escape:

Intuitive flight controls, inherent stability, and an effective training system means that most student pilots can learn to fly solo within a few minutes of in-water instruction.

If you want to be Bond in real life, the Jetlev R200 jetpack is available in the US for the modest price of $99,500.

Jetpack Adventures