Microsoft Creating A Unified Windows 8 OS For PCs, Mobiles & Consoles?

Andy Lees’ keynote speech alludes to a coherent system for Microsoft’s many devices.

Microsoft is moving towards a coherent system for all of its devices, with growing rumors that the next-generation Xbox console will run Windows 8 as its operating system and that Xbox 360 games will be able to play on Windows 8 PCs. In his keynote speech at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, Andy Lees said:

One of the key important things here, though, is the change that’s yet to happen but it’s about to happen, and that is the bringing together of these devices into a unified ecosystem. We won’t have an ecosystem for PCs, and for phones, one for tablets – they’ll all come together. We are aiming to provide coherence and consistency across the PC, the phone, and the TV – particularly with Xbox. That’s through providing new types of scenarios – things like the way in which you make the user experience more common… – also sharing key pieces of technology.