Old Clothes Upcycled Into Trendy Designer Chairs

Old Clothes Upcycled Into Trendy Designer Chairs

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, why not turn them into colorful and sturdy home furniture? German designer Tobias Juretzek has done just that.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Ever had stacks of worn-out, seemingly useless clothes that you have always wanted to throw away? German designer  Tobias Juretzek shows us that with a creative touch, old clothing can be turned into fashionable chairs for the artful eye. Juretzek puts together various pieces of clothing–jeans, shirts, blouses, rags, or any piece of fabric he can find–and soaks them in resin. The clothes are then compressed into a mold that shapes them into durable chairs, which Juretzek has aptly titled ‘Rememberme.’ The chairs are available from Italian furniture company Casamania and priced at about $950 each.

Tobias Juretzek