“Robots Of Brixton”: Film Depicts English History With A Mechanized Twist

A filmmaker’s bring to life his unique vision of a degenerated London district inhabited by struggling robots and calls out the 1981 riots.

What if your neighborhood was suddenly inhabited by robots of varying shapes and sizes that lived the same lives as humans do? Such is the scenario that Robots of Brixton, a noteworthy short animation film, attempts to bring to life.

Created by Kibwe Tavares, the film depicts robots living in the district of Brixton in London, suffering from poverty and unemployment. Taking refuge in their own space, the robots are then shaken by the police who aim to disperse the apparent informal settlers. A surprising twist ending ensues: the film’s final frames depict a juxtaposition of the robots and the Brixton riots of 1981. Watch the video below:

Robots of Brixton from Kibwe Tavares on Vimeo.

Kibwe Tavares

[via Kuriositas]