TaskRabbit iPhone App Lets You Post Errands On The Move

The service finds people to complete your tasks when you’re busy or need assistance.

TaskRabbit‘s iPhone app helps you run errands like Ikea pick-ups and furniture assembly, grocery runs, yard work, house cleaning and deliveries. To post a task, simply decribe what you need doing — either with text, a photo or voice recording — then name your price and a qualified, background-checked TaskRabbit will complete it for you. When they have finished the task, payment is transferred securely to your TaskRabbit and you can rate them on how well they did.

TaskRabbit iPhone App Lets You Post Errands On The Move

Some key features of the TaskRabbit app include a real-time map to easily specify task locations, a spinning carousel with the most common tasks and a handy pricing histogram that helps to accurately and quickly price a task based on others in the system.

The service is currently available in Boston, L.A., Orange County, New York City and the San Francisco Bay Area, and is coming soon to Portland, Chicago and Seattle. You can watch this video to see an example of how TaskRabbit works:


TaskRabbit app