Texters: Photos Capture How Devices Disengage Us From Our Location

A new series by photographer, Joseph O. Holmes demonstrates our utter devotion to our mobile devices.

On a busy street corner, standing in Central Park, or even in front of a hot dog vendor, a varied cast of city folk are all captured in a new photo series by Joseph O. Holmes doing one thing: texting. Each of the photos in Texters portray a texter juxtaposed to a bustling urban background, absorbed in the keypad of a cellphone.

Holmes is able to observe the way these devices can isolate us from a present moment without being judgmental, merely by sharpening his focus around the texter and obscuring the background. View the gallery below for some of our favorite images from the series, and see the entire collection on Holmes’ Flickr page.


Joseph O. Holmes

[via kottke]