The Renault Frendzy Changes Its Layout To Fit Your Busy Lifestyle [Pics]

This car can adapt its features and linterior to suit both your professional and personal life instantly.

This all-electric vehicle focuses on the’ separate needs of work and family life. The Renault Frendzy has a sliding door on the passenger side incorporating a 37-inch widescreen display and a center opening door on the driver’s side for easy loading and entry. The steering wheel and surrounding area is designed to look like a futuristic work bench. In ‘work’ mode, the rear-view mirrors sit upright and the interior lighting is green, in ‘family’ mode, the mirrors swivel to a horizontal position and the interior glows orange. The passenger seat can fold for extra space, there are no center pillars, and the rear bench seat is integrated into the floor. The Frendzy will be on display on the Renault stand at the International Motor Show in Germany this September.

Renault Frendzy