A Closer Look At The Messaging Behind Heineken Light’s Pop-Up Billboard Gig

On certain occasions, the billboard becomes perfect…

As part of a promotion for Heineken Light, TV On The Radio played a concert ‘from’ an advertising billboard on Lafayette in New York City. The event was concepted by Wieden+Kennedy NYC and PR agency¬†MSL worked on strategic messaging to get the word out.

Brian Williams, VP at MSL NYC, explained to PSFK some of the thinking behind the campaign. For most of the time the advertising site in Noho is left intentionally underwhelming with a simple white background poster. Only once in a while the billboard becomes the place to be – with gigs like last night’s where anyone can stand on a street corner and enjoy the music. On that occasion, the billboard becomes ‘perfect’ – just like the image of the brand the team are trying to convery: that it’s a beer that is just right for those certain occasions (Heineken Light : Occasionally Perfect).

Heineken Light