Drivers Get Paid By Auctioning Off Available Parking Spots

Parking Auction creates a marketplace for available parking spots, connecting drivers who are leaving their spots to those who are searching for one – all for only a small fee.

Parking Auction is a new iPhone app that enables a free market system for public parking, connecting drivers who are leaving their spots with those who are searching for one. Currently available on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the service allows drivers to post and accept bids for their parking spot. The legality of the sale of public spaces has been in question, but Parking Auction argues that drivers are not technically selling space, but only information that a parking spot is about to become available. Founder Brian Rosetti explains the service:

Both buyers and sellers confirm the space transfer has taken place, and then rates the other, so if the seller leaves before the buyer gets there and someone else pulls into the spot then they will lose the sale. There’s never any interaction between drivers and all confrontation must be avoided.

The app is currently in beta-testing and expected to expand worldwide.

Parking Auction