Edible Schoolyard Project Introduces Food Studies Into The Curriculum

A new curriculum advocated by slow food guru Alice Waters, hopes to educate kids on the benefits of healthy and sustainable eating.

The Edible Schoolyard Project was started by Alice Waters, a renowned chef and arguably one of the original creators of the slow food movement. Her project aims to bring in food-related curriculum into schools that would educate children on the benefits of healthy and sustainable eating. The program would introduce topics like organic gardening, seasonal cooking using fresh ingredients, and food culture. On the Edible Schoolyard Project website, it states the project goal is:

To transform the health and values of every student by building and sharing a food curriculum for the school system.

Currently, this food curriculum is implemented at the Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School in Berkeley and the Samuel J. Green Charter School in New Orleans. The school in Berkeley has a one-acre garden, an adjacent kitchen-classroom and an ‘eco-gastronomic’ curriculum. Waters hopes that more public schools in the U.S. will begin integrating the program into their academic curriculums.

Edible Schoolyard Project

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