Food Trucks & Biscuit Bikes For Pets Offer Treats On Wheels

A number of pet-care companies launched mobile food vehicles in New York this summer, selling snacks for your four-legged friends.

There has been a new trend in pet treats this summer: food trucks and bikes have been offering New Yorkers the chance to buy a snack for their dog while they’re out walking them.

Bocce’s Bakery‘s Biscuit Bike is a mobile street vendor cart, which has been bringing organic treats to the dogs in NYC parks. They sell an ice-cream, ‘pup-cake’ cupcakes, chicken cordon bleu biscuits, fish & chips biscuits and more.

Food Trucks & Biscuit Bikes For Pets Offer Treats On Wheels

Freshpet‘s food truck travels all over the city introducing their brand of dog food to new pets. It has a counter that big dogs can reach and a ‘doggie door’ for smaller dogs, as well as life-like dogs sitting on top of the truck.

Best Friends Pet Care, which offers training, grooming and boarding for cats and dogs, went on a Treat Truck Tour in June. It travelled across the East Coast of the country, giving out biscuits and ice cream for dogs. The truck will be back on tour in the fall.

Bocce’s Bakery


Best Friends Pet Care