Ivan Argote ‘Retouches’ Mondrian Paintings

Ivan Argote ‘Retouches’ Mondrian Paintings

A Paris-based, Colombian artist goes to extreme lengths to change the way we look at traditional art.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Colombia-born visual artist Ivan Argote is known for creating artworks that convey a rebellious attitude toward traditional art. In this surprising piece, titled Retouch,’ Argote films himself with a video camera and proceeds to spray-paint over top of two paintings by the famed Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. While it may seem like a juvenile act of vandalism, Argote’s work seems to highlight the often-overlooked characteristics of paintingsjust glanced at in museums — in this case, the precision of Mondrian’s usage of vertical and horizontal lines and the three primary colors. With their graffitti additions, the paintings become more noticeable in a way.

Watch the full video below:

Ivan Argote