Spike Jonze, Jay-Z & Kanye West Honor The Great Otis Redding In New Music Video [Video]

The track, from the pair’s collaborative album, samples soul singer Otis Redding.

The latest offering form the iconic rap duo Kanye West and Jay-Z,Watch the Throne, debuted last week, and has as its first single, a tribute to blues artist Otis Redding. ‘Otis,’ directed by Spike Jonze, features the pair of iconic rappers modifying a black Maybach car before driving it round an empty lot in front of the American flag. Otis Redding’s rendition of ‘Try a Little Tenderness’ is looped behind the verses. This cultural mash-up hearkens back to the roots and inspiration of rap music You can watch the music video below:


Kanye West

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