Location-Based Method To Suggest Friends On Social Networks

Location-Based Method To Suggest Friends On Social Networks

Cambridge researchers use location-based tracking to help suggest friends for social network users.

Alice Chan

Friends suggestions on social networks have traditionally been based on the friends-of-friends approach. But researchers at Cambridge University have taken this one step further, creating a method to help social network users reach out to potential friends through location tracking. After over 4 months of research, they found that ‘about 30 percent of all new social links appear among users that check-in to the same places,’ prompting them to devise a system that suggests potential friends to users who check-in at the same locations, such as offices, gyms, and schools. Based on a theory called ‘place entropy,’ the algorithm calculates the value of potential social connection using type of meeting place, number of people who visit the place, and the┬áregularity of those visits.

Cambridge University