NYC’s High Line Proves There’s Money To Be Made In Refurbished Public Spaces

Major US cities hope to turn old railways into attractive parks and spaces following the success of the High Line, Manhattan’s elevated linear park.

Cities in the U.S., including Chicago, Philadelphia and St. Louis, are hoping to convert old railways and tracks into public spaces and parks. These new projects have sprung up after the successful development of the High Line in New York City. What used to be a deserted railway trestle in the Chelsea neighborhood is now an elevated linear park that runs along the West Side of Manhattan with views of the Hudson River. The park has even generated an estimated $2 billion in new developments in residential units, hotels, offices and art galleries.

Now, other cities are keen to follow in the steps of New York and improve their own public spaces. Will Rogers, president and chief executive of the Trust for Public Land, sums it up by saying:

Cities recognize parks are good for their economies. They’re no longer a nice thing to have, but a must.

The High Line