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Shawn Parr: Courage For Brands – She Who Dares Wins

Shawn Parr: Courage For Brands – She Who Dares Wins

The Bulldog Drummond founder says that without courage, companies, like individuals, live in a place of permanent uncertainty and weakness.

Shawn Parr, Bulldog Drummond

Without courage, companies, like individuals, live in a place of permanent uncertainty and weakness. Without bravery, perseverance and honesty there is little hope for change in circumstance and zero chance of achieving one’s full potential. Those who live in a state of fear wait endlessly for others to make the next move and operate with uncertainty, reacting to others. They are relegated to miserable vulnerability and insecurity.

Courage is the essential ingredient for both survival and growth, and as my hero Winston Churchill so eloquently put it, “Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities, because it is the quality that guarantees all others.” It’s evident at birth and embedded into the first steps that an individual or a company takes, or it’s found as a result of hardship and circumstance. Without courage we go nowhere.

As a transformational force, courage contains three uncommon sense ingredients:

Bravery: standing up for what is right in difficult situations; acting in spite of disapproval; acting against one’s own natural inclinations and facing fears.

Perseverance: continuing along a path in the midst of opposition and perhaps failure; pursuing a goal in spite of obstacles; suppressing the desire to give up.

Honesty: integrity in all areas of a company or individual’s life, being true to oneself and one’s role in the world across circumstances.

Whether you’re a CEO, an executive, a manager or a student, you need to have the courage to make tough decisions about what next. The following are six uncommon sense recommendations for making courageous choices for new thinking:


Spend any time around a five year-old, and you’ll hear them ask “Why?” constantly. Their lack of self-awareness enables them to absorb information and seek knowledge constantly. As we grow up and enter the workplace, lacking knowledge is, for many, a sign of weakness. The result is people often sit in meetings and, rather than admit they don’t understand the subject, they’ll fake it, and waste a perfect opportunity for learning. There’s something very liberating about admitting you’re the dumbest one in the room and acting like a sponge.

Do you:

Have the courage to ask why?
Have the courage to be the dumb one in the room?
Have the courage to ask about actions that need exploration?

…Read the rest of the article and the other 5 recommendations here.

Republished with kind permission from Bulldog Drummond.

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