The Bestselling Colors In Modern Literature

The Bestselling Colors In Modern Literature

Is the color of a book cover in any way connected to its financial or critical success?

Don Michael Acelar De Leon

Colors have a very profound impact on the way people, animals, things, or places appeal to different eyes. Driven by this, Stephan Barrett explored the potential correlation between the color of a book’s cover, digital or physical, and its success within its genre by looking at the New York Times Bestsellers list. In his analysis, the colors copper, gold, silver, and ochre as well as accents of lavender and bright blue are evident in the top five fiction books, most of which deal with wealth and power.

Nonfiction books, on the other hand, tend to feature rich, non-metallic, and darker color tones, while graphic novels showcase dark hues that reflect the daunting nature of the stories they tell.

The Bestselling Colors in The Book World