The Social Tattoo Project Makes Empathy Permanent

The Social Tattoo Project Makes Empathy Permanent

Tattoos are the latest medium in a new project to keep people's attention on important world crises for a lengthier time than the 24 hour news cycle.

Dylan Schenker

Sometimes it can seem as if people only care about world crises until the next one comes along to divert their attention. In our fast-paced, hyper aware world, people will move on to the next big issue and forget about their passion for the last one. As a solution to this empathy ADD, the Social Tattoo Project is going to use tattoos to make people’s support a little bit more permanent. The tattoos will represent world issues and will be chosen using a crowd-sourced decision process where people will vote by Tweeting their favorite with the hashtag #socialtattoo to the account @social_tattoo. Participants will not know which tattoos they are getting besides the fact that it will represent world issues.

[via Lost At E Minor]