Tiny Video Game Cubes Provide Hours Of Interactive, Intelligent Fun

Sifteo, the gaming company launches its signature product – Sifteo Cubes, allowing users to play custom games on 1.5-inch blocks.

San Francisco-based tech company, Sifteo, has launched its latest gaming platform – Sifteo Cubes. These 1.5-inch, motion-aware blocks are equipped with full-color screens that wirelessly connect to a computer and can be shaken, tilted, rotated, and clicked to play a vast array of games. With the SiftRunner desktop software, users can browse and play games or even create their own with the Sifteo Creativity Kit. The set of three cubes can be connected via a USB dongle and costs $149 for the set complete with a charger dock. The game concept behind Sifteo is to create a fun yet smart system. Sifteo spokesman Paul Doherty tells Co.Design:

We’re not trying to compete with Nintendo, Microsoft, EA and others. We’re trying to create games that promote learning, spatial reasoning and truly interactive play.