Completely Mobile Prefabricated Apartment Complex Incorporates Advanced Steel Technology

A Finnish construction company has incorporated advanced steel paneling to create a ready-to-be-shipped three story modular apartment complex.

The Finnish construction company, NEAPO, has combined innovative steel core panel technology and the tested modular construction methods used in the shipbuilding industry to create a multi-story modular apartment complex that can be prefabricated indoors and shipped by barge to other locations. The design’s structure incorporates advanced FIXCEL steel core panels which enable relatively large modular sizes without requiring supporting beams or trusses even while en route to future destinations. Due to FIXCEL’s unique load-bearing capabilities, an entire apartment complex can be assembled indoors on the factory floor and then shipped.

As written by Inhabitat:

NEAPO is keeping their eye on mother Earth while revolutionizing the architecture and construction industry, they produce no waste, are powered by wind and use completely recycleable materials. FIXCEL, their material of choice, also has a carbon footprint that is 60% lower than the industry average for comparable products.