Engineering Small With An Eye On The Big Picture [Video]

Engineering Small With An Eye On The Big Picture [Video]

The engineers behind Scion's micro sub-compact car, the iQ, don't see its tiny size as limiting it in any capacity.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs

Scion recently invited PSFK out to Manhattan Beach, CA for unveiling of its Scion iQ, a micro-subcompact car this is just 10 feet in length and therefore the smallest 4-passenger vehicle in the world. Some of its unique features include an integrated safety system with 11 airbags, a combined city and highway 37 miles per gallon, and low emission levels meeting the standards of regulation. Rethinking the positioning of its internal components, the iQ boasts a unique series of engineering innovations which leave a spacious interior for the front two passengers. With its focus on efficiency in every respect, the iQ sets itself apart for having a minimal impact on its surroundings.

See the video below for Scion’s Field Operations Manager, Brian Sciumbato, highlight some of the iQ’s specifications.

Cool Hunting Capsule Video: Scion iQ from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

Scion iQ