Google Announces Cloud Storage Service To Enhance Google Docs

'Google Drive' is the set-to-launch web-based storage service that will be competing with cloud storage players like Amazon, Dropbox, and the upcoming...

Alice Chan
Alice Chan on September 26, 2011.

Google is preparing to launch a web-based storage service called ‘Google Drive,’ competing in the cloud storage arena with players like Amazon, Dropbox, and the upcoming Apple iCloud service to be released this fall. While Google already offers a certain amount of cloud storage with Google Docs,  few users are actually using Google Docs for online storage beyond the files they use in Docs. It is not clear if Google Drive will be either a separate service or just a rebranding of Google Docs, but Drive is offering features like a native syncing software that enables users to install the service on various computers and mobile devices. Google currently provides users with an always increasing amount of free storage for Gmail, Google Docs, Picassa, and the other Google services. It is expected that the Google Drive will also provide users with a set amount of storage for free and allow the purchase of additional storage if needed.