Illegal Art Creates Interactive 9/11 Memorial Along Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue

Street art collective challenges New Yorkers to share their feelings about 9/11 by lining an NYC sidewalk with chalk.

NYC based street art collective Illegal Art set up an interactive 9/11 memorial along NYC’s 5th Avenue from 14th Street to 20th Street. The installation is composed of 110 chalk lines, set at regular intervals, representing the 110 floors of the taller of the two twin towers. Accompanying each line is a floor number, a red solo cup filled with chalk, and the following note:

In observance of the tenth anniversary of 9/11, Illegal Art has marked each of the 110 floors on the sidewalk with chalk, starting at 5th Avenue and 14th street and heading north for 1,368 feet (417) meters), the height of the taller of the two towers.

Passersby, like yourself, are encouraged to walk the height of the once standing buildings along 5th Avenue and write any words that express your feelings or experiences related to 9/11.

For more work by Illegal Art, check out their website:

Photo by Lauren Barack