Indian Telco Predicts A Decrease In Population Growth Thanks To 3G Phones

An Indian telcom ad shows how 3G smart phones can be effective in controlling the population.

A newly released TV ad by India’s IDEA cell carrier illustrates the indirect relation of 3G smart phone ownership to the rate of population growth. Simply put, if more men and women in India have 3G smart phones (ideally from the IDEA network), then population control can be achieved. This is because theoretically couples will be too busy enjoying the perks offered by the IDEA cell carrier, and will think less about procreating.

This solution sprang forth from a trend often observed during India’s power outages, where bored couples have no other source of entertainment besides sex; hence, the population is likely to grow.  With IDEA’s cell network packages and 3G smart phones, this boredom gets eliminated. At the same time, IDEA sends out a message that making information available to people in India also empowers them to make better decisions, whether it is about population control or otherwise.