Is There An Ethical Dilemma In Graham Hill’s Weekday Vegetarian Plan? [Headlines]


Is it morally sound to selectively eat meat? Or should one just stick with either extreme?

Nestor Bailly, PSFK

Last year TreeHugger founder Graham Hill gave a TED talk entitled¬†Why I’m a weekday vegetarian, (transcript here)

Zoe Weil at Care 2 just watched it, and summarizes it as ” someone who is vegetarian during the week and chooses whatever he or she wants on the weekend. Such a plan, if adopted widely, would dramatically reduce meat consumption and thereby diminish the abuse and death of billions of animals, the environmental harm caused by their production and the number of heart attacks, strokes, cancers and incidences of diabetes.”

So is this not a good thing? Zoe isn’t so sure. She discusses¬†The Ethical Dilemma Inherent in the Weekday Vegetarian Plan.


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