Lernert & Sander’s ‘Fantastic Spin’ [Video]

Lernert & Sander’s ‘Fantastic Spin’ [Video]

Figure skater wears items from Hermes' new fashion collection, in a series of films for Fantastic Man.

Emma Hutchings

This video by artists Lernert & Sander shows figure skater Thomas Naylor in a black leather jumpsuit and roll-neck jumper by Herm├Ęs. He is filmed performing an open upright spin in extreme slow motion, captured in high definition. Fantastic Spin #2 is part of a series of five films for Fantastic Man, featuring skaters dresssed in items from different fashion brands, including Prada and Calvin Klein.

The Open Upright Spin from FANTASTIC MAN on Vimeo.

Fantastic Man

PSFK Writer Emma Hutchings