Let Others Cure Your Emotional Baggage With A Song

A new web service allows users to submit a problem in return for a peer-suggested song that could cheer them up.

A new web service, Emotional Bag Check, allows users to ‘check in’ a burden, problem or worry anonymously. Upon submission, another site user can ‘carry’ the emotional baggage by suggesting a song that could cheer them up. The site was created by freelance web developer and programming teacher, Robyn Overstreet who’s based in New York, and is powered by the popular Internet music streaming site, Grooveshark.

According to Overstreet, most of the issues submitted are related to relationships, parents, school and college. Meanwhile, popular songs that are often sent as an ‘advice’ are usually from artists like Taylor Swift, Coldplay and the Glee cast.

Emotional Bag Check