PSFK Interviews Marcello Martino On What Drives Creative Design

PSFK Interviews Marcello Martino On What Drives Creative Design

PSFK Interviews Marcello Martino On What Drives Creative Design [Sponsored]

Catherine Fulton
  • 26 september 2011

In this PSFK exclusive interview, we speak with Marcello Martino from Marcello Martino Design, a London-based firm that has designed everything from eyewear and headphones, to the interiors of top restaurants and bars as well as innovative product displays, and incorporates the latest technology into their workflow to create the best output for their clients.

Eyewear is a current focus for the firm. Inspired by the aerodynamic shapes common in motorsports, one of the lines the firm is currently working on is high-end product targeted at stylish auto enthusiasts.

What is the most creative project you have produced?

I have been lucky enough to work on some cool projects throughout my career ranging from cool bars, to bespoke furniture pieces. but I always think the project you haven’t done yet is the best.

Currently I am working on a few different eyewear lines, for my own label MMi (that will hopefully launch next year) and for a few companies that I am not able to mention. The reason that I am really excited and enjoying these projects is because of the way that they are evolving. You can look at sunglasses just as sunglasses, but it can be an amazing journey you go on to create their forms. It’s been a really cool process creating these designs, as there are a few different ways these projects can start: by trying to create the most aesthetically pleasing shape or form (with an eye on current or future trends), by trying to communicate a brand or emotion, or by trying to create something that features real innovation.

What was your inspiration for this project?

It can be anything, but mostly forms or objects that I come into contact with consciously or subconsciously. I could be in London and walk past a building and see it in a cool way that I might use as a reference — or in a bar in Milan — and try to understand the emotion I am feeling (imagine the backgrounds of the characters around me, and try to imagine them interacting with what ever I am working on). A recent project involved using motorsports as inspiration, and it was really cool to use the colors and shapes as reference.

How did using Autodesk software help aid this creative process?

Wow they helped a lot, I currently use Autodesk Showcase, and Autodesk 3ds Max with vray for this. Showcase is amazing!!! It is quick and easy to use. I remember it was only a few years ago that I would need the biggest and most powerful computer on the market to render out my designs (if I was lucky, in a couple of hours) now I can use a laptop (which is great given that I can take my design studio with me were ever I go) and in a couple of clicks and literally minutes I have an interactive image that is good enough either to communicate a detail or showcase the design.

What’s your favorite AutoCAD modeling tool?

The undo tool is invaluable!

Really sad. I’d say it’s the extend and trim tool, I don’t know why but it’s satisfying. In Alias Design it’s got to be the skin surface tool or any of the surfaces tools. It’s so amazing seeing things come to life once you start skinning those curves.

Things are moving towards The Cloud as people demand a more virtual lifestyle. How has the AutoCAD remote editing feature from the web or mobile device helped you better manage your company/business?

I think it’s still early days, but I like the way it’s going, especially because of how easy it is becoming to collaborate on different platforms thanks to the Cloud. It’s so cool that I can communicate with people using Macs, PCs, iPads, iPhones — all thanks to the Cloud. We are also looking at ways that the Cloud will assist in working on sensitive projects, and ways in which off-site storage, can integrate with the applications we use. Lastly, I really like what Autodesk is doing with some of their Labs programs, where you can send files to render. Ultimately they are using their hardware to render images for you. This is really great and productive as you can continue to work, or checkout Facebook, whilst it’s rendering out in the Cloud.

This post was created with the kind support of AutoCAD 2012


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