SPRINGWISE: Take A Photo Of A Shirt, Get Wearer’s Contact Details

Capturio lets users link their contact information with their favorite t-shirt, which then functions like a QR code.

It’s become increasingly common for everyday objects such as t-shirts to include a QR code that links to online content. French Capturio, however, lets users link their contact information with any favorite t-shirt — no code required.

How it works? Users of the free service simply take a picture of the t-shirt they have in mind and email it along with their contact information to post@captur.io. Then, anytime someone sees the user in that shirt, they can snap a photo of it and email it to get@captur.io. In return, they get the wearer’s contact details emailed back to them. Capturio works on mobile platforms including iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

Currently, there’s a limit of one t-shirt per user, but that’s due to increase soon. Also on the way are a web version, mobile apps and integration with social websites like Facebook and Twitter. For the long run, Capturio bills itself as a service that can “turn anything into a business card.” Tech-savvy entrepreneurs: one to get involved in?

Website: www.captur.io
Contact: hello@captur.io

Spotted by: Alice Revel

Originally published on Springwise, republished with kind permission.

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