The World Captured In Soap Bubbles [Pics]

The World Captured In Soap Bubbles [Pics]

See the world differently through the lens of photographer Tom Storm as famous landmarks and landscapes are reflected in a soap bubble.

Yi Chen

Tom Storm is a freelance photographer who plans to ‘see our world from a different perspective.’ His World in a Bubble project aims to capture famous landmarks in a soap bubble. With the help of friends and strangers, the reflection of well-known places are photographed perfectly in a spherical soap bubble. The photos haven’t been manipulated or enhanced with any post-processing software. The natural elements of a rainbow-hued bubble gives a whimsical feel to the photo.

Storm has already traveled to parts of America, Europe and Asia, photographing landscapes using the bubble technique. Famous places and iconic landmarks, including Times Square in New York, windmills in Denmark and the Brandenburg Gate in Germany.

Tom Storm