Uproar Over Media Sites Hiring Underage Writers

Huffington Post and Patch have been criticized for using writers as young as 13 with some even calling it child labor.

AOL-owned media sites Huffington Post and Patch have been criticized for accepting articles from writers as young as 13. The new HuffPo High School Project intends to ‘provide young journalists with the opportunity to have their voices and stories heard’ on topics like religion, tech, environment and education. Patch is also recruiting thousands of young community bloggers from high schools and even middle schools. However, these initiatives have already back-fired as they raise legitimate concerns over whether AOL is taking advantage of work of minors as child labor.

The projects come in an undesirable time as HuffPo is currently being accused of exploiting its adult writers by not paying them. Jonathan Tasini is the lead plaintiff that is suing Huffington Post on behalf of the writers for $105 million in a class action suit.

Forbes: Huffpo and Patch Recruiting bloggers as Young as 13